One More Mission

This is a work-in-progress excerpt from my documentary about Vietnam Veterans Against the War, the first veterans’ group in American history to demand an end to the war they had fought in while it was still going on.

One More Mission: Enlistment Stories

Most of the 25,000 young men who formed Vietnam Veterans Against the War had enlisted in the military. What made them volunteer to risk their lives?

Alaska, the World and Wally Hickel

I wrote and directed this one-hour biography of a politician who defied labels––a dyslexic Kansas farm boy who rose up to become a millionaire builder, Alaska Governor and Richard Nixon’s Secretary of the Interior. But Nixon fired Walter Hickel in 1970 after a celebrated controversy over a letter Hickel had written criticizing Administration policy toward student protesters. This sequence tries to unravel the 40-year mystery of how and why Hickel’s letter got leaked to the press. Airing on public TV Spring 2013.

Peter Jennings Reporting:
The Kennedy Assassination – Beyond Conspiracy

I was the senior producer and co-writer of this two-hour examination of the JFK conspiracy theories that aired on ABC in 2003. In this sequence about Lee Harvey Oswald, I directed the interviews with his brother Robert, author Gerald Posner, and former KGB officer Oleg Kalugin. The film won the Edward R. Murrow Award for Best News Documentary. DVDs are available from

The Orphan Trains: Lee’s Story

The Orphan Trains tells the stories of some of 150,000 urban children who, from 1854 through 1929, were sent to live with new families in rural America. The film aired on the PBS series American Experience. I wrote the film, and produced and directed it with Janet Graham. It won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing. DVDs are available from

The Orphan Trains: Katie’s Story

This clip from The Orphan Trains features letters the children wrote describing their experiences and feelings in their new lives far from home.