One More Mission

This is a work-in-progress excerpt from my documentary about Vietnam Veterans Against the War, the first veterans’ group in American history to demand an end to the war they had fought in while it was still going on.

Peter Jennings Reporting: The Kennedy Assassination–Beyond Conspiracy

Peter Jennings’ critical examination of the JFK conspiracy theories. Features a 3D computer animation of the shooting at Dealey Plaza, based on the Zapruder film, that provides compelling evidence that Oswald was the sole gunman. Aired 2003 on ABC. 2 hours. Senior producer and co-writer: Edward Gray. Edward R. Murrow Award
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Alaska, the World & Wally Haskel


Searching for The Roots of 9/11
The Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist explores the “three rivers of rage” that fuel the anger of so many young Muslims toward America. Filmed in Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain and Belgium. Aired 2003 on the Discovery Channel. 1 hour. Produced by Edward Gray.
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