Edward Gray is a three-time Emmy Award winner, a two-time winner of the Writers Guild of America Award, and a winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award. His films have covered science, history and current affairs.

Ed is currently producing One More Mission, a documentary about Vietnam Veterans Against The War. He has produced, written or directed more than two dozen documentaries for national TV broadcast. You can screen excerpts from his films here:
Science. History. Current affairs.

For PBS his films include:
Secrets In Our DNA, about direct-to-consumer DNA testing, for NOVA.
Look Who’s Driving, about self-driving cars, for NOVA.
In Defense of Food, based on the book by best-selling author Michael Pollan.
Alaska, The World and Wally Hickel, the story of a political maverick.
Security vs. Liberty, a look at post-9/11 counter-terrorism policies.
Through Many Lives: The Aging Brain, for the series The Secret Life of the Brain.
The Orphan Trains, an episode of the American Experience series.
The World That Moses Built, a biography of Robert Moses.

Ed’s films for ABC News include:
Peter Jennings Reporting: The Kennedy Assassination–Beyond Conspiracy.
Nothing To Fear, about FDR, for the series The Century.
Dangerous World: The Kennedy Years.

For the Science Channel, Ed wrote, and produced with Michael Schwarz, the 3-part series Silicon Valley: The Untold Story. During his years in the TV production unit of The New York Times Ed made documentaries for Showtime, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, including Searching for the Roots of 9/11 with columnist Thomas Friedman.

Ed lives in New York City.